visual anthropology narratives

The Healers, encaustic wax on wood panel, 16x16

Chinese, Ayurveda, and spiritual healing have all played a role in my life,  alongside traditional western medicine, and I am grateful.  "iNyanga," "PanchaKarma,"  "Chi," and "The Healer." 

Native Women Warriors Running Eagle.jpg

Native Women Warriors, encaustic wax on wood panel, 16x20

Celebrating indigenous american woman who fought alongside men protecting their native lands. 

Brown Weasel Woman was a highly respected member of the Piegan Tribe of the Blackfeet Nation, who lived in the 1820's. Lozen was a Chiricahua Apaches who learned the ways of the warriors and joined forces with Geronimo. 

encaustic portrait
encaustic portrait
Dublin Man in Walking Hat.jpg

 Irish Eyes, watercolor, pen & ink, 9x12.

Those smiling eyes. I met more people traveling in Ireland than anywhere I've been. No one's a stranger to the Irish, and I miss it.  Images inspired by photos from Irish street photographer Tim Bingham @public_lens.  


encaustic portrait

Into the Wilderness, photo encaustic 9x12. Digitally-altered images embellished with encaustic paint. This series started as my response to the COVID pandemic. These works are in a state of constant change.  


Galway Girl.jpg
Killarney man in Tweed Cap.jpg
encaustic portrait

Vetted Souls, Encaustic and ink, 8x8. From photos by Leroy Skalstad, a formerly homeless Vietnam veteran.

"I believe most folks don't realize how complex homelessness is. I was someone affected by my military experience as I waited for a decision from the Veterans Administration. Some are folks and families were living paycheck to paycheck. Some are affected by their substance abuse." - Leroy Skalstad.

BB KING encaustic portrait

No Time for the Blues, encaustic wax, 12x12


A tribute to the Mississippi blues artists who performed in juke joints and had little commercial success, but who greatly influenced American Blues music. 

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