visual anthropologies

"The Healers." Encaustic wax on wood panel. Each work is16x16. 


This series is about integrating eastern, western, and spiritual healing. I have chosen to represent "iNyanga," an African spiritual healer, "PanchaKarma," an Ayurvedic doctor, "Chi," Chinese, and a traditional western practitioner, "The Healer." 

 "Irish Eyes." Watercolor, pen & ink, 9x12.

Young or old, male, female, or child, you'll never meet a stranger in Ireland. If you've ever been, you know what I mean. I've tried to capture the 'smiling eyes' I came to love while traveling Ireland. Photo references courtesy Irish street photographer Tim Bingham @public_lens.  


"Vetted Souls." Encaustic and ink, 8x8. Inspired by photos from photographer Leroy Skalstad, a formerly homeless Vietnam veteran who now works with homeless shelters. 

"I believe most folks don't realize how complex homelessness is. I was someone affected by my military experience as I waited for a decision from the Veterans Administration. Some are folks and families were living paycheck to paycheck. Some are affected by their substance abuse." - Leroy Skalstad. Available. Proceeds to Operation Stand Down Tennessee, providing Veteran services. is the primary non-profit resource for Veterans in Tennessee providing a wide range of life-changing social services.

"No Time for the Blues." Muddy Waters and BB King. Encaustic wax, 12x12. A tribute to the Mississippi blues artists who performed in juke joints and had little commercial success, but greatly influenced American Blues music. 

"Concrete Selfies

Photo encaustic, 12x12

While walking along a street in Stuttgart, Germany, I came across an old wall dated 1934, with about 60 odd faces protruding out of it...frozen in the the wall.   

I tried to research the significance of this wall, only to learn that they were simply...selfies. Nothing important, just for fun. 1934!

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