Visual Anthropologies

Anthropologists collect photos. I express what I observe through my paintings.


People fascinate me. I recently moved back to the US after living in Germany for three years. I traveled extensively and everywhere I went, I was surprised by how intact cultures still remain, despite our global, digital world.  Despite the short distances in Europe--one can travel an hour, and suddenly be immersed in a new country--people were different with every border I hopped!

So I began sketching. And putting together people studies which I now call visual anthropologies. 

My visual anthropology narratives: 

World Healers- eastern, african, and western medical healers

Native Women Warriors- historically accurate portraits of native women who fought for their tribes

Vetted Souls- faces of homeless US military veterans

Irish Eyes- street portraits from Ireland

Into the Wilderness- reflections during the COVID pandemic 

I am Danish- portraits of Muslim youth in Denmark

Holi Colors- faces of India's Festival of Colors

Delta Blues- Mississippi blues artists who performed in juke joints and had little commercial success, but greatly influenced American Blues music

Ordinary Environmentalists- everyday folks working to make change environmentally

The Outsiders- portraits of visionary self taught artists, creating outside of art world norms




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