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How to pack & transport encaustic paintings

If you are doing art shows, then you know that packing, protecting and transporting encaustic paintings is difficult. Pieces can easily get chipped & marred, especially if you have metal framing hardware on the backs. Then, once you arrive at the show, sometimes it's a long walk to get to your space! Carrying 20-30 large pieces is difficult.

Here's what I've learned, after 7-8 shows this year. My last set-up was a 30-piece solo!

Instead of stacking paintings flat, I stack vertically in large cloth bags with carrying handles. I put 2 per bag, back to back so hardware does not rub against wax. For large paintings I use IKEA bags (they're huge) and wrap in sheets. Before, I used to stack flat, separated by blankets or foam wrap PLUS I wrapped each painting in wax paper to protect the surface, as that can be a lot of weight on the underneath paintings. By stacking vertically, I don't worry about the weight. Carrying my work in bags is so easier for me than in heavy boxes.

Another tip- always take a tool kit with you to shows. I stock mine with extra price tags, pencils, tape, hammer, nails, s-hooks, and a creme-brulee torch for touch-ups. (If a painting edge gets chipped, I can fix it with a quick hit of the torch), and small table easels. Often you just don't know how much wall space and table space you'll have, and its great to be flexible for both!

Lastly, and this is from my husband, who thankfully does all my framing, get into the habit of wiring all your paintings consistently so they will hang evenly. By consistently, he means he place the D-Rings 3" from top on ALL paintings. When I hang a show, every painting lines up evenly across the top. Easy! We use d-rings+ wire. D rings lay flat, so your painting will lay flat against the wall. It looks better than the round eyelets that stick out.

Happy New Year, and here's to more painting and easier shows in 2022!

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This was very helpful information! Thanks for sharing!

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